Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yeah, yeah, I'm a stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling...

Please don't call me a grammar nazi, but I'm frankly tired of all the misspellings on Second Life vendors. I can understand it in chat, but come spend the time creating items to sell, work hard (mostly) to design the space to sell them, put together your vendors with carefully posed photos and photoshopped words and prices, and you can't freaking take the time to check the spelling on the ads that everyone sees in order to buy your products?

I've assembled a few examples of misspelled vendors. Glaringly misspelled vendors. At least one of these, I IM'd the creator months ago and mentioned the misspelling, and he told me he was aware of it. He has since redesigned his entire shop and STILL misspelled the same word. Sorry, but I have to chuckle.

Nothing personal against any of the designers responsible for these signs. I don't even remember where I got most of them, to be honest.

But if any of these signs is yours, I don't wanna hear excuses. Just fix the damn things! ;)

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beee said...

Ew. Wtf. Varius. Sounds like Darius. Keep educating them, Perry. They need to be taught a lesson. ROFL.